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what others say about “Meaningful Success”

When I was a student at Columbia University in New York City, I kept looking for books that approached business and life in a connected fashion. This one, written by Bettina Gallego, a Wharton MBA graduate and former Goldman Sachs banker, was one of my favorites because it explains how professional and personal decisions are related. She also manages to bring spirituality into our daily lives. I highly recommend this book to other American readers like myself who are looking for more than your usual leadership advice manual.

-Tom Nicocelli

Bettina’s book is summarized as she describes it: “An executive who puts his heart into everything he does is not a mere administrator, but in his decision making he highlights human needs and is guided by his intuition. A leader with principles, such as integrity, coherence, empathy or trust, leads by example and inspires not only his team but the entire organization for the benefit of society.”

– José Luis Blázquez Vilés

This book is a manual on how to succeed in life with integrity. It develops a methodology for stress management, motivation and leadership and gives us keys and tools that can be applied to our personal and professional life. Its purpose is to demonstrate that it is possible to unite the business world with the spiritual world, bringing from this latter one ancient knowledge and understanding to solve current problems.

-Elisa Martinez

There are good books; there are fantastic books. There are books that capture you, that you can’t stop reading, accounts that make you dream. And then there is “Meaningful Success.” Never before has a story given me so much. Not only is it a manuscript that grabs you, but it fills you up; it transforms you. A must-read. Thank you, Bettina, for sharing your experiences with everyone.

– Javier Rojo

A greatly acclaimed guide to finding your personal formula for success and navigating your way towards it. Bettina is a great coach and mentor. And her personal experience is a source of inspiration. A gift.

– Judith Janssen